Hello! My name is Ellie and hopefully, I am about to become your pet(s) new best friend. But for that to happen, you need to learn a little more about me and what I do. 

Just like most animal lovers, my passion started when I was little with my family dog, Stella. She was truly the greatest of girls and still inspires the love I have for dogs today. 

After I left school, I wasted no time gaining a place in college to study Animal Care and Welfare level 2 & 3. During my time at college, I volunteered with the RSPCA and that's when I knew that I wanted to work with dogs specifically. Once I finished my course and gained my diploma, I was determined that nothing was going to stop me pursing this dream. I continued volunteering in kennels and dog grooming while supporting myself with a job in retail. However, after a little time, this just wasn't enough anymore. So, I left Birmingham, moved to Plymouth and met an amazing dog walker who walked my own babies, Blue and Bonnie. It was this dog  walker who gave me the boost I needed to set up Dog Eared Dog Walking. 

Let's be honest... You probably want to know more about Blue and Bonnnie than you do about me. I can't blame you! These two Precious pups are like my little shadows. Blue is a blue merle border collie and Bonnie is my little wesiepoo. While I have many testimonials from my clients, Blue and Bonnie are definitely my biggest fans and make sure every new dog at Dog Eared Dog Walking is welcomed as part of the family. 

I'm always happy to answer any other questions you have during home visits and at any point during your pet(s) time with Dog Eared Dog Walking. We all know that the pandemic hit us hard, and a lot of the nation turned to our four legged friends for the comfort and companionship. But as everyone returns to work our best friends are now being left at home.

All I want to do is give both you and them peace of mind by loving and taking care of them to the same standard you provide yourself. Whether you're at work or out of town, Dog Eared Dog Walking is here to ensure your dog(s) is given all the attention they deserve. From a good walk to home sitting, your pet(s) will be receiving all the cuddles and treats they need.

I am based in Plymstock which means your pooch has the choice of these stunning walks to enjoy:

Me, Blue and Bonnie all look forward to meeting you and your lovely pet(s). We can't wait to welcome them into the pack.


Dog Eared Dog Walking.